Thursday, 19 March 2015

Just Communicate, dammit! Part 2

So I had a bit of a rant yesterday about the way some of my fellow women communicate.

But I think fellas have a thing or two to learn as well.

I’ve never subscribed to the school of thought that a real man is a stoical, hard-as-nails human being who never shows emotion and just goes through life ‘dealing’ with whatever and whomever life throws at him.
Men aren’t machines at the end of the day, and have emotions just like everyone else.

Ok, I’m not saying that I’d be completely understanding if my dude wept, tore his clothing and poured ash on his head each time his favourite football team lost, but still.  Some emotion is fine.

I remember when my grandfather passed away.  My family was living in Zimbabwe at the time, and only my Dad was able to travel back to Uganda for the funeral.  That is the only time in living memory I saw my Dad shed a tear- it was just a single one down his cheek, and I only noticed it because he reached down to pick me up and give me a kiss before he rushed off to the airport.  Even then, as a little girl of 8, I did not see this as a sign of weakness.  My Dad was Superman to me, and the fact that he was showing how sad he was made me love him even more because I thought I could understand the devastation I’d feel when my own father passed away.( Ha, little did I know).  

I remember thinking, he’s so sad right now but he’s still strong enough to pick me up!

I honestly prefer a guy who is man enough to be in touch with his emotions.  Seriously.  Because pretending to be anything other than a thinking, feeling person just isn’t attractive.

If I wanted to be with an inanimate object, in that sense, I’d probably be in therapy right now.  (No sex toy jokes, please.  This isn't that kind of post).

I guess what I’m trying to say, fellas, is just communicate, dammit!  Trust your woman enough to tell her how you’re feeling.  Because the whole badass, hard-as-a-rock act ain’t fooling anyone.

Least of all her.

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